Air Freight

air freight

At Vina Cargo, we understand that no two customers are the same. For the past several years, we have built a shipping company together with customers which provides tailored transportation solutions to meet your changing needs. Our customizable solutions give you the flexibility you need to quickly and efficiently transport your cargo around the world.

With offices located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Vina Cargo has the expertise and infrastructure to provide seamless worldwide air freight services, allowing us to move your cargo through one of the world's largest cargo transportation networks.

What does this mean for you? Our proven shipping experience will provide you with a reliable and competitive air cargo solution for all of your personal and commercial shipping needs.

Standard Air - For general cargo shipping across the world, let Vina Cargo meet your air freight requirements with the highest level of personal service.

Small Package - Our small package solution provides you with our most economical, flat rate shipping service
Oversized - When shipping oversized or odd-sized shipments, let Vina Cargo accommodate your special needs with fast, flexible, and reliable service.

Express Air - When facing tight deadlines, take advantage of our express air freight service for all of your urgent and time-sensitive cargo. 

Door-to-Door - With door-to-door service, your packages can be picked up at your residence or commercial building and delivered to their final destination. 

Charters - Our charter team works with you on every detail of your flight to determine the most cost-effective solution. From one-time charters to a long-term subcontract basis, you can choose the solution that’s right for you.