About Us

about Vina Cargo

When shipping commercial or personal goods, your expectations are to receive a seamless and reliable service. At Vina Cargo, we understand the importance of every shipment and the impact on your business. Our commitment to your success is built on three important elements:

- Dedication. Vina Cargo has provided all cargo transportation services to Viet Nam and destinations worldwide. Our domestic and international clientele ranges from individuals to emerging businesses to companies across diverse industries.

- All Your Shipping Needs. In today’s globalized environment, it’s essential that your shipping company provides tailored transportation solutions, giving you the flexibility to serve your customers and maximize efficiency. At Vina Cargo, we have the infrastructure, technical skills and seasoned expertise to deliver worldwide seamless transportation by land, sea and air.

- Customer Service. At Vina Cargo, we’re committed to building relationships with each of our customers. As your trusted partner, we’ll always provide quality services, flexible transportation solutions, proactive communication, and innovative technology to help you and your business thrive.

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